Norfolk & Suffolk 4X4 Response

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About the group National network
National Network

Our club was established in Norfolk in 1999 as 4X4 Response Network to provide a service to our local community. However right from the beginning it has been our aim to promote the use of 4X4’s for community work helping to improve their image and the image of 4X4 drivers.

We have already helped other clubs to establish their own ‘Response’ group by supplying information on:

  • Members Handbooks
  • ID Cards, Hi-viz jackets & vehicles stickers
  • Driving & Vehicles assessments (needed to work for councils), and
  • Ideas.

Through this website and attendance at shows, information was passed and other 4x4R specific groups were formed across the UK. Since then several of these clubs have been in communication with each other sharing valuable information which assisted with the founding of new groups and the development of existing clubs.

In 2005 it was suggested that these links were developed into a more formal Association which could assist the development of the Volunteer 4x4 Response concept across the country. In 2006 the 4x4 Response Network was renamed Norfolk & Suffolk 4x4 Response and the 'Network' name was used to form a National identity.

Throughout 2006 a steering committee and several sub-committees, consisting of members from groups in Northern, Southern and Eastern England, Scotland and Wales, used this forum to discuss and establish the criteria for 4x4 Response Groups across the nation.

Now in 2008, there has been considerable growth in the regions with 500 members involved in their local team. In parallel the National organisation is growing and developing.

The website of the National 4X4 Response Network can be found here:


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