Penetrating Singapore Hawker Food Tour

Organic food in Singapore is a fad that is currently picking up and is transforming itself to be among the lifestyle options for Singaporeans. In actuality, approximately 58 million consumers in the fast paced, and highly urbanized Singapore spent a total of 5 million dollars this past year in 2007 for a variety of types of organic food and goods. Since the Singapore organic food production farms are restricted because of a lack of land area, the majority of the organic foodstuff is imported from abroad.

The exporters have a huge Head start from the Singapore organic food marketplace since the exporters are thought of as among the more developed and cutting edge sources of health food and associated organic food promotions on the market today. They are also highly regarded since in general, each of the brands carried by these individual exporters covers a broad assortment of organic products which range from miso to brown rice and ice cream.

One of those ways exporters can Get adoption of the products and distribute their products is to look closely at the locals’ taste. Organic foods in Singapore are fruits, nuts, vegetables and rice. Since over 96% percent of the people consist of Asians rice is a staple food in many asian countries and more so in Singapore. The use of rice is extremely high and an exporter who attracts rice has gotten results.

Penetrating Singapore Hawker Food Tour

Due to the push from government Agencies on the importance of a healthy lifestyle consisting of continuous exercise and a proper diet, the general people tend not to enjoy food that are too sweet or salty. Catering to this preference in your assortment of food in Singapore will make certain your adoption rate will be high.

Position your food that is organic for a more healthy option for people. Invest in packaging dimensions for your products that are natural to promote consumer trial of your products. In actuality, you might even go a step further and do large scale promotions offering free samples to the people and giving them recipes about the best way best to cook the food that is organic.

Since Singapore is a small country with A population of 4 million people, its people are highly educated and understand the value of investing in their own health. They are cost conscious. By pricing your natural produces to be aggressive with hawker food tour singapore and undertaking a moderate promotional campaign, a distributor will be quite effective in this market for organic food in Singapore. Most of all is flexible and patient with your orders and your regional providers since the organic food market in Singapore is still in its infancy stage.